The new ePRG 5.0 site has been moved to the following location (https://eprg.wellmed.net).  Please update your bookmarks accordingly. This site is restricted to authorized users only.

Welcome to ePRG!

ePRG is an interactive website designed specifically for our contracted providers. This robust webtool provides effective management and information about our members. With ePRG, Providers have the ability to perform some of the following functions.

  • Verify eligibility and effective date of coverage
  • Verify benefits for basic common services
  • View and submit authorizations and referrals
  • View claims status
  • Submit referrals to Disease Management
  • Link to health plan formularies
  • Utilize Risk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) tools

To register click on “Create a New Account” or contact your Network Representative for more information.

Please be advised that not all information provided on this website is real-time. Some database changes may not be reflected until two days.